Sugar Cravings: Take Control!

Sugar Cravings: Take Control!

Why do we need to watch out for those cheeky sugar cravings?

Sugar Cravings: we need sugar to live, but having too much “added” sugar may be linked to:

  • tooth decay
  • challenges with managing blood sugar levels
  • weight gain
  • mood changes

Still looking for something sweet?

Try some of these options to beat those sweet sugar cravings when you get them:

  • berries are a great sweet alternative. I personally love fresh strawberries or raspberries especially with cereal or in smoothies
  • drink herbal tea or water
  • remove temptation by getting all of the sweet treats out of the house and your work place. I just dont buy them any more. My hubby has a secret draw for himself but I just stay away from it. There are no sweet treats in the kitchen and only healthy snacks
  • Don’t skip meals – not as easy as it sounds sometimes I know but with careful planning and advance meal prep is gets easier
  • Try and distract yourself until the craving passes with reading or talking to a friend. My go to is my Kindle when I want to escape or need to distract myself
  • Go for a walk outside. Take the dog for an extra walk or simply go for a wander. We live in a lovely village with fields across the road from house, but if you aren’s so lucky visit your local park
  • Meditate for a minute. There are some great apps available now if you are new to meditation or not sure what to do. They will guide you through it. Even many smart watches like my Fitbit have built in relaxation programmes for you to try.

What ever you do to manage your cravings will help to lower your sugar levels. Remember that there are different types of sugar too and not all sugar is bad for you!

Quick Tips

  • try coffee or tea without sugar. Try a different make of drink for a different flavour.
  • try using spices on your cereals or in smoothies rather than sugar. I love ground ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg in different yummy recipes instead of loads of sugar.
  • also have a look at our Boosters as they are amazing at helping with managing cravings!

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